How to make money with a website

  HELLO THERE!!! Is writing your passion? Why not start with a blog. Many times we hear experts say buying a custom domain and upgrading is always better especially when working with wordpress at any level as it comes with plugins that enhances SEO,etc.. true But that shouldn’t really hold you back. There are different website builders. I also noticed that even on a free platform, you get a fairly high Domain Authority and Page Authority on day one except when using the blogspot domain though. Blogger is a very great platform for anyone to use for blogging as you can easily monetize the blog with ads immediately but you’ll have to do extra work on On-Page SEO..i.e quality content on your site, keywords difficulty and Off-Page SEO..i.e the number and quality of sites linking back to your site(backlinks).  DA stands for the Domain Authority of a site… i.e the power of a site compared to others. while PA stands for the Authority of individual pages in a website. This is usually /100 meani

How To Make Money Online From Home Every 60 Seconds

Content:  1.Ebook sales(free usable Articles, article rewriter tools) 2. Arbitrage trading 3. Freelancing 4. Video creation 5. Blogging 6. Captcha jobs 7. Bitcoin mining 8. Highest paying faucets  9. Affiliate marketing, etc  Note: all videos used in this blog are for reference and educational purpose only Let's get started👇👇   In today's world, people, especially young adults are obsessed with how to make a few cash online to meet up with a few expenses, for shopping, for fun and to fit in among peers. While others just want to stop the usual stressful and tiring weekly 9-5 jobs with the regular pay. A few others are close to retirement and are seeking various passive income ideas. I really feel your pain and all you have to do is to stay with me till the end of this post. Making money online isn't really hard and not also easy too. It comes with patience and commitment and a little work on your part.. In this post we're going to talk about a few ways to make money a